Burgaw brainstorms their first Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

At their 2014 strategic planning session, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to begin work on a town-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan.  Over the past decade, the town has increased investment in pedestrian and multi-use infrastructure.  However, as the town’s demographics change and infrastructure maintenance needs grow, the town needs a plan on how to implement bicycle and pedestrian amenities in a cost-effective and strategic manner.

According to Rebekah Roth, Burgaw Planning Administrator, “The town board has heard from residents about the desire for more and safer walking and biking amenities.  Because funding for these projects is limited, we need information from the residents about what is most important to them so we can coordinate bike and pedestrian projects with road maintenance projects.  This will make the community safer and help to save money.”

The Town of Burgaw Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan will be the first town-wide plan for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  This plan will assist town departments in prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle improvements, will recommend development ordinance amendments to ensure a cohesive transportation network, and will outline implementation tools and funding methods.

The Burgaw Chamber of Commerce and The Pender-Topsail Post & Voice will be hosting a business expo, Oct. 9th, at the Burgaw Historic Train Expo beginning at 11 a.m.