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FOCUS Public Launch

On behalf of the team who have been working on developing this project for over a year, we are excited to kick off FOCUS with a public launch at the Wilmington Convention Center tomorrow at 10:30.We’re excited by the buzz in the community already! We are thrilled to have launched this website in time to share more details with those of you who can’t be at the launch tomorrow.  The site will be the hub for getting the word out to the community and gathering information, feedback and most importantly, participation.

FOCUS is the branded effort that was yielded by a grant from the federal government, who has recognized Southeastern North Carolina as an area prime for more growth and development. While we’ve done a ton of work organizing the categories for growth into the six FOCUS elements, the overarching element—the most crucial part in all of this—is People. You! Local leaders and administrators of public and private sector programs have joined together to set the stage for their communities to bring their own ideas to the table. So get up on your soapbox. Brainstorm with a blend of people from across this region. What makes FOCUS different is that the ideas and the momentum will come from you.

FOCUS is built on the premise that if we involve people from all walks of Southeastern North Carolinian life – from the small business owner to the farmer, the renter as well as the homeowner, you get the idea—together you can combine issues and efforts to make a more impactful difference rather than each group fighting their own fight. You’ll find that your end goals are more similar than you think. And that is why we think FOCUS will succeed.

If you’re able to join our event, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to be at a discussion table and sign up for committees. We need your expertise and your voice! If you can’t be there, please contact us and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

Join a FOCUS committee. Send us your ideas.  Be a part of this growth and change over the next two years as we use this program to build a permanent FOCUS and sustainable growth for the region.

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