FOCUS SENC Grant Period Concluded, Deliverables Available Online

In 2012, the Cape Fear Council of Governments, along with a group of local agencies called the Lower Cape Fear Sustainable Communities Consortium, drafted and submitted a grant application to the federal government. The Consortium was selected to receive a $1.13 million dollar grant (nearly 75% of which was spent in the regional economy) to develop a regional growth plan for the Southeastern North Carolina area over a 3 year grant period. Today, the Consortium can announce that the Grant Period has concluded and the reports created from this important planning effort are available online for all to share:

Working together, this diverse consortium of 14 public agencies developed 6 FOCUS elements in which to funnel our region’s efforts and plans.  These livability elements were data-driven and influenced by public commentto address major themes that affect everyone in the Southeastern North Carolina region to bring positive change to our area when it comes to future development, sustainability and healthy living.  These elements include a FOCUS on:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Opportunity
  • Transportation

Out of these FOCUS areas, the following documents were developed as part of the 3 year effort to better understand our region and are available online at the FOCUS website, including the final deliverable that was accepted by the Consortium, the Cape Fear Regional Framework for the Future.

  • Cape Fear Regional Framework for the Future
  • Equitable Growth Profile of the Cape Fear Region
  • Health & Wellness Gap Analysis Report
  • Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing
  • Alternative Futures Report
  • Catalyst Reports

The Framework for our Future provides 10 key strategies for the region to consider when making policy decisions to guide public and private investment in our region.  The Consortium will continue to work collaboratively to implement these key strategies and expand its membership, including the important input of the residents of the region.

The Lower Cape Fear Sustainable Communities Consortium is grateful for the work of ProBene staff, including Al Sharp, Adrienne Cox, and Kayloni Wyatt.  In addition, the Consortium would like to Thank Renaissance Planning, Urban Design Ventures, and the numerous community members in the Cape Fear Region for their dedication and input to this important process.

During the next two months, the Consortium will receive feedback regarding the Cape Fear Regional Framework for the Future, including how to best work together to implement the recommended strategies.  Please email [email protected] with your comments and suggestions no later than Friday, July 24, 2015. 

The Consortium looks forward to continuing the important work of FOCUS as well as enhancing the collaborative efforts being made in both the public and private sectors to successfully move our area forward as one of the best regions in North Carolina.


Contacts: Jennifer Rigby, Chair


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