Great progress continues for Southside Wilmington

“As we continue to patiently wait for the grant release for Choice Neighborhoods and Wilmington’s opportunity to receive up to $30M to transform the SouthSide from a distressed community to a neighborhood of opportunity, our SouthSide Revitalization team continues to build a foundation of investment in the area to attract new residents, developers and businesses and show our commitment to uplifting the neighborhood,” said Paul D’Angelo, Choice Neighborhoods Planning Manager.

D’Angelo shared some the success stories of the area and recent partnerships.

  • Partnership for infill homes in the SouthSide. (Habitat for Humanity)
  • $510,000 in improvements for future crosswalks / sidewalks / Safe way to Schools in the SouthSide. (City / MPO)
  • Railroad beautification (Port/CSX) … all debris has been cleared.
  • Brownfield Grant $200,000 / $400,000, some of which will be used to “clear” land in the SouthSide. (City of Wilmington)
  • Home Rehabilitation Projects (WARM)
  • Free Summer Lunch Program (NHCS)
  • Outreach of City Programs / Summer Camp Flyer (Blue Ribbon Commission)
  • Installed free smoke alarms to many SouthSide homeowners (WFD)
  • Access to fresh fruit & vegetables to Hillcrest & the SouthSide (Feast Down East)

Businesses making the Southside their home

  •   Kids Making It
  •   Family Dollar being built @ 17th & Wooster
  •   Nourish NC
  •   Expansion of Queensboro Shirt Company
  •   Expansion of Atlantic Packaging
  •   Expansion of Cape Fear Literacy Council
  •   Seaview Crab Company now in the SouthSide
  •   Moser Heating & Air Mechanical
  •   Century Mills Building for sale

Work in Progress / Possible Future Successes

  • Grocery Store in the SouthSide
  • New business @ 5th & Castle
  • Mixed Use building near Satellite Bar
  • Kids Kaboom park @ Jervay
  • Resource guide to educate about local services
  • City of Wilmington Solid Waste … signs in the SouthSide, No Dumping, No littering!
  • Catalyst Project – 5th Avenue & entrance to Greenfield Lake. (FOCUS / COG)
  • Sidewalks on Wooster Street @ 8th up to Dawson. (NCDOT)
  • Cultural Arts & Training Center @ the old WAVE building on Castle St. / The Castle. (SouthSide CDC / ILA)
  • Art Display at Jervay. (Art Council)
  • Health Programs @ Hillcrest (NHC Health Department)
  • A nature & activity trail @ Mary Howe Pre-K in the SouthSide

City Goals / Southside Choice Goals

  • Diverse and Thriving Economy
  • Welcoming Neighborhoods and Public Spaces
  • Efficient Transportation Systems
  • Safe Community
  • Civic Partnerships
  • Sustainability and Adaptability