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As growth continues in our region, let’s be ready for it. We need a regional vision, direction, and plan.
Join us in determining how we can preserve the assets that we all value,
while making Southeastern North Carolina a great place to live and do business.

  • Economy As the nation rises from an economic crisis, we need to optimize the opportunity to strengthen existing businesses and attract new ones. Learn More
  • Environment We must raise awareness and appreciation of our surroundings in order to sustain our unique breadth of landscape, from wetlands to farmlands and the cities in between. Learn More
  • Health By organizing our outreach and increasing awareness of health and wellness programs across the region, we can help our citizens of all ages achieve a better quality of life. Learn More
  • Housing In a delicate, recovering real estate market, proper guidance and assistance for homeowners and future buyers and sellers is essential. Learn More
  • Opportunity Protection of our culture and quality of life are of paramount importance: they are the reasons behind the charm and appeal of our region. Learn More
  • Transportation Connecting our diverse communities through both roads and public transportation is vital to our way of life, for work and for play. Learn More




What are your plans for the year 2040? Go to the Forum to tell FOCUS what's important to you.

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