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NHC kick off Comprehensive Plan

New Hanover County is ‘charting the course’ with their comprehensive plan.plan-nhc-logo

The comprehensive plan is a document used as a guide to address the community’s current developmental trends and determine a vision for how the county should develop over the next twenty-five years. The county is engaging with the public so that a collective vision can be achieved.

The NHC Comprehensive Plan Public will be February 27 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. and will take place at the NHC Government Center Drive, Suite 135 (Human Resources) Conference Room 402B.

The planning process has been divided into a timeline that is featured below. Each section of the timeline will help shape the next phase that will go on into the complete Comprehensive Plan.

Plan NHC timeline


The County is encouraging public input from all groups of individuals such as, young children, seniors, college students, and the multicultural residents.

Public input meetings will begin in September in both northern and southern New Hanover County. To make each resident feel welcomed, a little more at home refreshments will be available during the meetings.  

Door prizes will be given out at each discussion. Each door prize will be from the local community.

During the public input meetings, children will be able to share what they see the future of New Hanover County by their artwork. Other activities will also be available.

The plan will also use an email survey to gain comments and input from the community. For additional citizen input www.feedbacknhc.com allows ideas to be shared in an online forum. The site provides information about the Comprehensive Plan, drafts of reports/maps, and press releases. Videos and Minutes of each public input meeting will also be featured on the site.

For  updates  and suggestions on how to become involved visit the New Hanover County Planning website.