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New walking trail in Burgaw

Residents of Burgaw have a new way to keep in shape. The Osgood Canal Green way Trail opened Sept. 1 in the downtown area of Burgaw. The 2.2 mile track is helping citizens take the initiative when it comes to their health. There is no charge to use the trail and it’s easily accessible to residents.

The trail adds more of fitness option to the four public parks that are in the area, Ashe Street Park, Burgaw Entry Peninsula, Johnson Park and Rotary Park.

“The town is working to establish a number of community wellness initiatives that capitalize on the Osgood Canal trail infrastructure,” said Rebekah Costin, Burgaw town planner.

In September, the town started the Burgaw Trailblazers program. Costin stated that the program encourages and rewards walking, running and biking both on and off the trail. Partakers can keep track of their mileage each month and when they reach their personal milestones they will be recognized online and at town board meetings.

“All participants’ mileage is compiled, and as a community we’re trying to walk across the United States. We hope that we can expand this program in January by starting a running/walking competition, where organizations compete as a team to get the highest average mileage/team member,” said Costin.

Residents can sign up by emailing their name, phone number and email address to [email protected]. From there, they will be able to log their mileage each time.

Burgaw also wants children to participate in the wellness program. The First Steps program began in September; it reaches out for childcare facilities, and daycare’s to keep track of their outside playtime. The program is targeting children between 2 to 5 years old. The children will get town recognition and an annual “Celebration.” There is also a chance for the participants to win developmentally suitable physical fitness equipment.

As of now, four daycare and childcare facilities are taking part in the program. Individual families can also participate.

“Keeping track of outside play is meant to both encourage them to increase the kids’ activity and to help the town determine barriers for using our parks and recreation infrastructure,” said Costin.

According to Costin there are currently no other plans to add more healthy initiatives in the meantime. However, the town is in talks with Mountains to Sea Trail representatives to possibly connect their proposed route through Pender County to the Osgood Canal Green way Trail.


The Osgood Canal Green way Trail opened Sept. 1 in the downtown area of Burgaw.

To join the program visit www.townofburgaw.com/burgaw-trailblazers-program.