Project Overview


The Livability Principles

The FOCUS project is concentrated on six main elements: the livability principles. Each of these elements impacts every one of us in our daily lives, and all are vitally important to the success of our community.

In the regional plan for sustainable development, all of these principles must be taken into consideration.


Opportunities in Southeastern North Carolina range from agriculture to tourism and everywhere in between. Our economy has sustained because of the investment of international companies like PPD and GE, and the increased presence of the film industry in our region. We are also home to a successful University and several Community Colleges. Let’s leverage these organizations’ success to grow our economy with similar commitments. Learn More
Southeastern North Carolina is known for a high quality of life. Maintaining this requires increased effort to promote a variety of housing options for low income earners, students, the elderly, seasonal visitors and families. We also need to ensure programs and resources are available for homeowners, buyers and sellers at all income levels, from rural to urban to suburban. Learn More
The breadth of wetlands that comprise the Southeastern North Carolina landscape aid in water purification, flood control, and shoreline stability, as well as, our fishing commerce. Our rural communities provide tobacco, soybeans, sweet potatoes and blueberries; they raise poultry, turkey and hogs. Tourism, fishing and agriculture are crucial to our local economy. Protecting these environments for our commerce and our communities is of the utmost importance. Learn More
The people of our region are the heartbeat of our farms, main streets and coastal towns. Our southern heritage is expressed through community gatherings, artistic creations, agricultural, educational and military institutions. By protecting the heritage, the quality of life, and the celebrations of our culture, we will maintain the greatest resource we possess—our people. Learn More
The health and well-being of our residents is key to a vibrant and sustainable future and workforce. FOCUS strives to create and support community health networks, educational programs and fitness initiatives. By organizing resources and engaging our communities, together we can increase awareness and participation in these important programs that make a difference, even in times of limited resources. Learn More
Whether by bicycle, car, bus or boat, transportation is vital to the economy and way of life in Southeastern North Carolina. Collaborating efforts to protect and expand means of transportation—from buses and rails to paths and pavement—is essential to maintaining a healthy flow of our people and visitors throughout our region. Learn More