As the nation rises from an economic crisis, we need to optimize the opportunity to strengthen existing businesses and attract new ones.

From our farming communities through our urban centers and out to the sea, the Lower Cape Fear community spans the breadth of economic and social levels. We are farmers, property renters, executives, and fishermen. And we are all consumers. By addressing the variety of our economic challenges as a group FOCUS can uncover quicker, more comprehensive solutions.






There are many opportunities to address our stability. We need to make the right choices as the country as a whole recovers from a tough economic time. Our region’s business has been bolstered over the years because of the investment of international companies like PPD and GE, and the increased presence of the film industry in our region. We are also home to a successful University and Community Colleges. Our cities are recognized as being some of the best for small business development. We need to nurture those who hang a shingle in our region, and showcase their accolades to attract more business. We will invest in programs to support our agriculture and fishing industries also protect our environment in the process. And ensuring consistent tourism is a must. Together we can make great strides to use the opportunity of an economic upturn to our full advantage.