We must raise awareness and appreciation of our surroundings in order to sustain our unique breadth of landscape, from wetlands to farmlands and the cities in between.


Our region is unique. Freshwater rivers and lakes, the Atlantic, and brackish in between serve so many purposes: recreation and tourism. Fishing. Transportation. We benefit from both the function and the beauty of our coastal Carolinian environment. Beyond commerce, our environment protects the nature of our landscape—it aids in water purification, flood control and shoreline stability.

The threat of sea rise and erosion changes our landscape, even from one season to the next. Our wetlands are most vulnerable to this type of erosion. FOCUS will champion programs that set standards for and assist businesses that plan to invest in our community, ensuring the economic opportunity pays no threat to our wildlife and air quality. And in growing our housing market we must guide the direction of sprawl to best serve long-term preservation of the land, sea and air we hold dear. Not only do we live off our land in terms of crops, livestock and fishing, but the quality of life we enjoy as a result of its diversity. To sustain it we need to muster enthusiasm as a people, using our influence to participate in its perseverance.