By organizing our outreach and increasing awareness of health and wellness programs across the region, we can help our citizens of all ages achieve a better quality of life.

The health and well-being of our residents is key to a vibrant and sustainable future. FOCUS strives to create and support community health networks, educational programs and fitness initiatives. By organizing resources and engaging our communities, together we can increase awareness and participation in these important programs that make a difference, even in times of limited resources.

Our region is encumbered with issues common with our country as well as some unique to our environment. We can refine and extend existing programs to ensure healthy production, processing and distribution of our food to people of all income levels and environments, aiding consumption of locally sourced food. We can evolve and expand health initiatives in our schools and local community to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and childhood obesity. By shining a spotlight on the issue of air quality we help reduce asthma. With exercise outreach programs providing education and access, we can make our city healthier on the whole while ensuring a sustainable workforce. And studies show healthy people are happier and more active in their community.