In a delicate, recovering real estate market, proper guidance and assistance for homeowners and future buyers and sellers is essential.

Whatever your income range, Southeastern North Carolina is known for a high quality of life. And maintaining it requires an increased effort on all housing fronts. While this includes a variety of housing options for low income earners, students, the elderly, seasonal visitors and families, we also need to ensure programs and resources are available for current homeowners, and buyers and sellers at all income levels, from rural to urban to suburban.

With its all hands on deck community approach, FOCUS will address the trials, pitfalls and opportunities of housing programs as they affect people on the whole. Promoting the programs that are out there is the first hurdle. FOCUS will see to it that affordable housing options are developed in convenient locations near commerce and adequate transportation. We will monitor and promote financial programs that serve and save current homeowners and multi-homeowners in crisis. The end goal? To keep our people in their homes, and to maintain each citizen the opportunity to provide a roof over their head.

As a HUD grantee, the Consortium is required to “affirmatively further fair housing.” In order to demonstrate that the community is “affirmatively furthering fair housing,” each sustainable community grantee must conduct a Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (RAI) which identifies any impediments to fair housing choice and what
steps the community will take to affirmatively further fair housing. HUD advises Lower Cape Fear Region, North Carolina Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice 5 communities that the Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing should also address “Visitability,” the Section 504 Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the Fair Housing Act.

HUD defines “fair housing choice” as: “The ability of persons, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or handicap, of similar income levels to have available to them the same housing choices.” The Lower Cape Fear Sustainable Communities Consortium has not previously prepared an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. The only federal entitlement jurisdiction in the consortium area is the City of Wilmington, NC. In order to perform an analysis of impediments to fair housing choice in the Cape Fear area, the demographic, housing, economic, and social characteristics of the area were evaluated as a basis for determining and identifying any existing impediments to fair housing choice. FOCUS has put together a Regional Analysis of Impediments for the region. If you wish to view the final document please click here.