Protection of our culture and quality of life are of paramount importance: they are the reasons behind the charm and appeal of our region.


Community development allows each of us to weave our heritage and culture into the fabric of our region. And with such a diverse population, that becomes a colorful and complex piece of art that we need to both cherish and uphold. Our southern heritage is expressed through community gatherings, artistic creations, agricultural, educational and military institutions. By maintaining both the necessary opportunities and the extracurricular activities we will maintain the greatest resource we possess—our people.

In taking a piece from each of the other FOCUS elements, we need to recognize opportunities for growth of our population and personal growth alike. We can foster job creation though our tourism programs and by new companies who invest in our urban and rural areas to put roots down. We can ensure community centers and parks are available for get-togethers and family excursions. And we can make it easy for events to be produced on our streets so you can enjoy your community and your personal relationships.