Connecting our diverse communities through both roads and public transportation is vital to our way of life, both for work and for play.

Trips In 2008

Whether by bicycle, car, bus or boat, transportation is vital to the economy and way of life in Southeastern North Carolina. Collaborating efforts to protect and expand means of transportation—from buses and rails to paths and pavement—is essential to maintaining a healthy flow of our people and visitors throughout our region.

FOCUS will look to improve efforts that serve all people, whether you rely on the bus or rail, drive the highways each day, or fly weekly for work. We’ll aim to divide resources to equally address our thoroughfares from our agricultural areas to bike paths. We’ll look at data and analyze our regional needs for even safer roads. We’ll discuss traffic patterns keeping up with tourist patterns. And we will share insights of transportation alternatives to make sure each citizen in our community has the proximity and the means of transportation to work, live and socialize.


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