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Brunswick County


Airport Height Control Ordinance 1999


Brunswick County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Brunswick County Unified Development Ordinance 2007

Brunswick County Unified Development 2007 (Text Amendments)


Boiling Spring Lakes Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance 2008

Boiling Spring Lakes Swimming Pools Residential Amendment 2010

Boiling Spring Lakes Unified-Development Ordinance 2009


Carolina Shores Unified Development Ordinance 2012


Caswell Beach Red Fox Ordinance


Navassa Natural Resource Conservation

Navassa Stormwater Ordinance 2010

Navassa Subdivision Ordinance (as amended 2011)


Northwest Conditional Use Process

Northwest Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Northwest Zoning Compliance Process


Ocean Isle Planned Unit Development Ordinance 2001


St. James Unified Development Ordinance 2012

New Hanover County


NHC A-404 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-405 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-406 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-407 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-408 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-409 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC A-411 Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2013)

NHC Airport Height Restriction Ordinance

NHC Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

NHC Mobile Home Park Ordinance

NHC Subdivision Ordinance

NHC Zoning Ordinance (2013)


Carolina Beach Code of Ordinances


Kure Beach Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Kure Beach Storm Water Ordinance


Wilmington Code of Ordinances


Wrightsville Beach Emergency Water Use Ordinance

Wrightsville Beach Unified Development Ordinance




Pender County


Pender County Road Naming Ordinance (2002)

Pender County Property Addressing and Display Ordinance (2002)

Pender County Unified Development Ordinance Updated (2010)

Pender County US 17/NC 210 Corridor Study (2012)

Pender County Zoning District Dimensional Requirements

Pender County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance


Atkinson Zoning Ordinance (2012)

Atkinson Zoning Ordinance Appendix A

Atkinson Zoning Ordinance Index

Atkinson Code of General Ordinances (1989)


Burgaw Unified Development Ordinance (2010)  


Surf City Subdivision Ordinance (2007)


Topsail Beach Ordinances


Wallace Sign Ordinance

Wallace Storm Water Ordinance