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Watch for Me NC Campaign kicks off

In time for school openings with students moving about by foot, skateboards, bikes, carpools and buses, New Hanover County (NHC) has launched the ‘Watch for Me NC’ campaign. They have partnered with NC DOT to increase the safety knowledge of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.    The goal of the program is to share two key […]

Prioritizing transportation improvements for southeastern NC

With population anticipated to double in southeastern NC over the next 20+ years, transportation improvements are a necessity today and in the future. The Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) directed a process to include public input regarding which transportation projects should be priorities for the NC DOT in this region of North Carolina. A point […]

FOCUS Public Meetings Coming Up!

FOCUS is hosting a series of public discussions. Each discussion will focus on one of four livability principles, including opportunity, health, the environment and housing. These discussions are designed to give the community a voice on topics that will impact our region as we plan for the horizon year of 2040. Participants will be registered […]